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The starting block -

Founded in 1964 by Frank Almas as Aero Speed Mail Service, Inc. in Sacramento, CA, the company began providing retrieval of U.S. mail from customer's post office boxes and delivering to their doorsteps.  This quickly morphed into providing messenger and small parcel delivery services.  Prior to the age of computerization and email, company correspondence and paperwork moved via overnight courier, so a network was established throughout California and northern Nevada to accommodate the customer base.  In 1984, an office was opened in Reno, NV via the purchase Parcel Delivery Service.  At its peak the company boasted sales of $7,500,000.00, a payroll of over 170 people, and offices in Sacramento CA, Emeryville CA, Hollywood, CA, Newport Beach, CA and Reno NV.

In 2004, Frank Almas retired and the company was "parted out" and closed.  The various divisions were sold and all operations in California ceased.  Michael Almas, who had served in various positions in the California company, purchased the assets of the Reno, NV office and started Aero Speed Expedited Delivery Services, LLC, a Nevada Corporation.

So, the company's roots go back to 1964.  It's Nevada roots to 1984.  And its redue date of 2004. Lots of years have passed, but the focus remains - SERVICE!

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